Michael Browne creates clothes that combine the highest level of technical precision with a couture approach to design.

The design process is important to him, but Michael doesn’t subscribe to the notion of a house style. He adapts his work to suit the requirements of every client – the aim is a garment which enhances the wearer’s figure, yet feels effortless to wear and sits naturally on the body.

Every Michael Browne suit benefits from the latest in technical tailoring innovations. Michael’s small in-house team can create a strong shoulder line without resorting to thick padding, can shape a rich, masculine chest with only the lightest of canvasses and will create a small, supportive armhole without needing to line it with wadding. The structure of the suit works in harmony with the body, rather than fighting against it.

Michael also curates all the cloths he works with in-house, ensuring that clients are steered gently toward fabrics that will not only suit their needs, but which tailor well and provide a wise investment.

The result is a tailored look with unique perspective. Michael Browne offers suits with striking architectural lines, subtle sex appeal, a flattering silhouette and lightness of structure. The result is a dynamic, comfortable garment that projects the very best version of the wearer out into the world.